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Today we are bringing some absolutely incredible value to Divi in the form of over 130 beautifully designed premade layouts that you can browse through and import onto your page, without ever leaving the Divi Builder. These layouts are organized into complete website packs that you can use to quickly jump-start your next website, and they are filled with wonderful original photography and illustrations that you are free to use on all of your commercial projects. Plus, we are adding new layouts every single week! Now every Divi user has instant access to countless world-class designs on a variety of subjects right inside the Divi Builder.
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  1. Hello, it is quite annoying that on my smart TV ads appear on this site, they should correct it, apart from being badly segmented, because it comes out repetitively in every video that I see on youtube, and to finish scrubbing it is in English, and here we speak Spanish, please correct that in your ads, you are wasting your money on advertising to segments and people who are not interested, they should at least put it to appear to English speaking users. The worst of the case is that from the smart tv does not appear the option to indicate that this ad does not interest me so that it does not keep appearing to me, and from the laptop with my same youtube account it does not appear to me to be able to indicate that it does not follow me appearing this announcement. please correct it. It's for your good.

    PD: Translated by Google

  2. Hola, es bastante molesto que en mi smart TV aparezcan anuncios de este sitio, deberían corregirlo, aparte que está mal segmentado, porque sale repetititivamente en cada video que veo en youtube, y para terminar de fregar está en inglés, y acá hablamos español, por favor corrijan eso en sus anuncios, están desperdiciando su dinero en publicidad a segmentos y personas que no les interesa, mínimo deberían poner que les aparezca a usuarios de habla inglesa. Lo peor del caso es que desde el smart tv no aparece la opción para indicar que este anuncio no me interesa para que no me siga apareciendo, y desde la laptop con mi misma cuenta de youtube no me aparece para poder indicar que ya no me siga apareciendo este anuncio. por favor corríjanlo. es por su bien.

  3. I just updated to the latest version of DIVI and it's riddled with bugs. What was easily the BEST web building software just turned into a piece of junk. Please tell me you guys are aware of the issues and you're hard at work to FIX them?

  4. This is a complete dumbing down of DIVI. These new layouts are totally not working for loads of people AND they got rid of the previous layout options which I think I am correct in saying was ESSENTIAL for many users. Basically they broke DIVI by doing this. I have just spent the last hour exporting JSON files from a (luckily for me) non updated old DIVI site that I made that still had the very useful layout selections (things like ABOUT US and OUR TEAM that were quite complex to set up are now all gone…) With the list of 32 JSON files from the old setup I can now start a new page then swap it out for one of the old layout selections (this doesn't work if you try to import into a library btw has to be a page). But I shouldn't have to do that, it was so good before.

    In the REAL WORLD we are not always starting brand new sites we are responding to clients asking if we can add, for instance, an OUR TEAM page. Previously all we had to do was to make a new page using the OUR TEAM pre-made layout and it would work fine, inheriting all the design tweaks that we have set, logos etc. We definitely do not want a whole complete new website to replace our months of hard work! That is one way to lose a client contract really fast!

    PLEASE can you reinstate the very useful layouts and also can you let us know why these supposedly amazing sites (coffee shop, restaurant, agency, fashion etc…) will not load or work at all?

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