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Welcome to part 1 of this 2-part series where I am going to show you how to build a complete membership site by combining MemberPress and Divi.

Join me as I walk you through how to setup your membership site with everything you need for selling an online course or product, including custom registration pages, email notifications, and three levels of membership that drips content over a period of time.

Plus a whole lot more. I’ll also show you how to design your membership pages by using membership shortcodes in combination with the Divi builder. You don’t want to miss it!

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  1. Thanks for lots of good videos.

    Is there a video about (or any possibility) to do different registration forms – free and paying members – not with Membership but with Ultimate Member? And if so, a video on how to design a login / sign up where to choose which membership you want (Free or Paying)???

  2. Is there a way so people can use their facebook a/c to sign up? And such a great strait forward tutorial, thank you!

  3. Hi! @11:03 you view the local wp site in Incognito mode, however for me that loads my wp-login, and I have to enter my login credentials. How do you view it 'as a user' like you have in the video? Without logging in as an admin. Thank you in advance, and fantastic video!

  4. Thank you so much for this video, Mak. Another very helpful one. As of today, Memberpress will only allow Active Campaign plug-in with a Plus or Pro Plan…no longer included in the Basic Plan.

  5. So extremely helpful! Thank you so much!!! I just got Memeberpress yesterday and this helps me feel excited and ready to start building/using it 🙂

  6. Despite my comments below…. i do think youre excellent on WP… and the installation of it.. can you , as a very good expert on Divi theme, can you or is it possible to put a Forum on the site .. ie SMF(simple machines forum) and also do you do tutorials on how to install a SMF forum ?

  7. Can you do a tutorial on a membership site with a FREE membership plugin and show the END product , as many a time there is no end product to see what your working site looks like…

  8. Hey Mak, thanks for the video tutorial. Just wondering if there is a free membership plugin that you could recommend?

  9. Mak so glad you are back, please don't go away anymore. That being said I feel like the video ended in the middle of you teaching, when will part 2 be uploaded. This is exactly what I was looking for my new course on Can you please show how to customize the videos and pdf download sections in the divi layout please? thanks a lot

  10. Love the content Mak! I’m using ultimate member now which is a great free plugin, but thinking about upgrading to memberpress. Is this tutorial different from the memberpress course you offer on your site? If I do purchase it, I’ll be sure to use your affiliate link.


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