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Thinking about teaching a course online? Need an upgrade for your current e-course site? This 9 page layout will give you the headstart you need in just a few minutes. And don’t forget, this offer includes all those beautiful graphics, icons, and images as a free download as well!

Get the download here:

Download a Free Breathtaking Learning Management (LMS) Layout Pack for Divi

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to download and install the Divi theme on your website.

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  1. Is it me or are most of the settings in Social Network section of the Contact Layout not working as it should? When I click on the wheels before the Social Networks nothing happens (under Link, under Content).

  2. Awesome! Looks so modern and clean, can't wait to use it! As a matter of fact I am going to create a simple free course using this layout pack. If you wan to you can check my progress live here…  I won't be using any coming soon pages, so you can see it live anytime.

  3. To the whole ET crew, great job. Looking forward to the new stuff you are talking about. Great ideas. Thanks.

  4. Any clue as to over come this message "The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini." ?

  5. Personally I was not looking for a download link to upload into WordPress, but a Direct link in the WordPress Theme Marketplace (not that I do not trust your webpage, but I feel safer when purchasing, and trying content directly from within various software marketplaces itself) Are you in the marketplace? looking (maybe I am overlooking something?)

  6. Think about writing a script for your future videos. This easily could be shortened to a minute long with such a simple installation. Such a high quality product is worth the extra preparation.


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