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Today I’ll be showing you how to download, install, and setup a brand new functioning Learning Management or E-Course website using the new Divi Learning Management (LMS) Layout Pack.

You can download this layout pack and all of the high resolution images used in the layout for FREE, right now, from our website.

Get Layout Pack:

Download a Free Breathtaking Learning Management (LMS) Layout Pack for Divi

If you don’t have Divi yet, you can learn more about this powerful theme on our website using the link below.

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  1. Could you update these tutorials guys? The instructor goes over the same thing 4-5 times (like we get it this is where you type the API key)

  2. I'm trying to update my theme which is Divi.
    To do this, I need to log in to the Elegants member area for get my API key.
    So this space does not recognize my identifiers and even my email, to reset them.Yet, I am very good at connecting to my site, using the same identifiers.
    So where is the problem ?
    Thank you very much for your help and sorry for my bad English

  3. Uhh, Divi Builder plugin? I have 1.1.1 and I don't have a Divi Builder control panel to input the api key. 😅

  4. I do not have an option for update in my
    DIVI-Theme options
    I do have a message under my wordpress dashboard stating update for divi theme available .
    If I try updating via wordpress- dashboard – updates – divi theme – update .
    I get an error message : before you can update your elegant themes , you must first install the elegant theme plugin to authenticate your subscription.
    I have done this and authenticated it with my username and API Key and still I get the same error ?
    please assist

  5. For someone not familiar with code, the step by step instruction was very helpful. Perhaps a follow up video to further explore the plugins?

  6. It's great! I have a question about this pack. How can I make tests in the end of the lessons? Thanks a lot!

  7. The good – introducing me to WPComplete. The bad – making this an hour on styling. The horrible is well documented, which results in this being of little value. I’m sure there are better videos on styling with Divi and if there is not please do a session on styling. The disappointment is not getting anything useful on WPComplete and managing a student’s progress in an e-course site. What would have been useful would be 30 minutes on short codes in Divi and then how to use WPComplete (since it is based on short codes). How to do memberships in Divi is handled in other Divi content.

  8. It's so disheartening when someone like Elegant themes offering Divi make such a poor quality video..or may be it was my wrong assumption that it is made for existing or prospective customers..

  9. Many people already complained about the video quality so I won't do that. It is unfortunate that you ran out of time. I regretted that you spent so much time on design issues instead of going through the stuff that really mattered, like more in-depth information on how to build the specific modules, and talking about the plugins used, and maybe some alternatives to those plugins.

  10. I sat through the entire tutorial because I wanted to learn more about the plugin integration, and you ran out of time 😂 I want my hour back!

    Still useful though, and I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out now you’ve pointed me in the right direction.

  11. It really is quite disappointing that this video is in 360p. You simply cannot follow along. I stopped watching at 22:00 simply because I couldn't tell visually what he was doing with the menu and he sure as heck wasn't talking about it. I'm sorry. This could have been much more helpful.

  12. the content and presenter are fabulous. Great explanation. It would be enhance the presentation if the quality 720 or 1020. In fact, it is a bit difficult to see the 360p quality for small website background.

  13. This video is so useful. So I really want to watch it again in better quality. Please re-upload in HD or better quality. Thanks.

  14. @Elegant Themes I would like to join with others in saying thank you for this video. Just recently in a new live session you all answered my question and gave me the link to this video. I was super excited and overwhelmed with emotion. Then I clicked on the video and began to watch it. I remained positive though there was two things that I must confess that really did bother me and completely detracted from the overall experience of this video.
    1. Video Quality – Recording this video in 360p was an ABSOLUTELY horrible idea because it distorts the clarity and the students cant follow along with the instructor properly and see what is going on. It is hard to learn and reproduce what you see if you can't see it.
    2. Instructor – I thoroughly appreciate that he would take his time out to make this video but I must admit, there were several times where he seemed almost as though he had no clue of what he was doing because of the repetitiveness and inability to complete the video properly. Lastly he had what came across as a lack of confidence in his skill set or ability to teach. Though he is not B.J. Keeton, B.J. is an great example of someone who makes the session fun and he is full of confidence. This is just my view based on my experience from watching this video and is not a personal attack against the instructor at all.

  15. video quality is not good, please can you improve it? you cannot simple enjoy the video details.-


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